Scuba diving at Gordo Bank in December 2022

December 6

Today we took 4 divers and one guide with the Apex boat. Conditions on the way there were good, not too choppy. Both dives were at Gordo 1, dove the pinnacles.

Diving Conditions:

  • Temperature: 77f (no thermocline)
  • Visibility: 50ft
  • Current: none

Wildlife encounter

A couple of silvery fish, a small group of tunas and a curious dolphin. Sadly no sharks this time.

December 10

Departure from San José del Cabo. It seems that we had the best of the season already in October and November! In comparison to last year when we had a great Nov and Dec. Lets hope this is a lull and we have some great dives leading into January!

Diving Conditions

  • Temperature: 78f/ 26c
  • Visibility: 40ft / 12m
  • Current: none

Wildlife encounter

Usual life down on the pinnacle but no sharks.

December 22

Departure from San José del Cabo. Small panga 

Diving Conditions

  • Temperature: 78f
  • Current: Strong

Wildlife encounter 

  • 8 hammerheads dive 1
  • 3 mobula mobular
  • lots of reef life
  • Whales breaching nearby 

December 29

Cabo San Lucas departure by Panga.

Diving Conditions

  • Temperature: 72f
  • Visibility: 60ft
  • Current: medium to strong

Wildlife encounter 

  • Lots of reef life and fish schools
  • Big tunas
  • Lots of hammerheads close and huge school far away
  • WHALE! Under the divers in dive #2