diving trip to Gordo Banks, Cabo San Lucas Mexico

July 3

July is officially the month we start to get excited about Gordo Banks! The warm water is returning and blue, clearer conditions are appearing. The wind is low and swell conditions we get in summer on local dives don’t affect diving off-shore.

Diving conditions

  • 27c/ 77 f temperature 
  • 25m/70 feet visibility
  • Mild current heading East.
  • Mild swell  


  • Tons of green jacks
  • bonitos
  • snappers
  • tuna
  • Hammerhead shark count: First dive a decent sized school and one or two scouts around the divers. Second dive no sharks.

July 25

It’s very apparent that we are having a warmer than usual year this year. This sometimes means that the sharks hide in deeper, cooler water away from the depths we can reach! We left bright and early from CSL docks to go see what we can find. 

Diving Conditions 

  • 100ft/30m visibility   
  • water temperature 85 f | 29c  surface 
  • Very clear and very warm as predicted.
  • No wind or swell, an easy day for conditions!

Wildlife encounters

  • Only jellyfish who love super warm water!

July 27

No sign of the water cooling and with the divers fully informed we went to see if at least the Silkies wanted to play with us! The ride out was smooth although the shade on the Apex was limited! Remember to bring your hats and sunscreen!

Diving conditions 

  • 100ft/30m visibility    
  • water temperature 85 f | 29c  surface 

Wildlife encounters

  • Lots of fishlife and invertebrates