June 3 

Heading out for our dive and not quite sure what kind of conditions to expect as there has been a little murky in Cabo San Lucas bay. Sometimes it’s normal for Gordo Banks to be clearer and the positive thinking paid off! We got a nice block of unusually warm blue water all the way down to 80ft and then we hit our colder thermocline of greenish water – which is actually a nice recipe for hammers below and Silkies at the surface.

Diving Conditions

  • Blue water at the surface, Green below
  • 82f surface 
  • 72f bottom
  • Low current south west direction


  • Hammerhead Count: 20 on dive #1 , 4 on dive #2
  • Dolphins playing at the surface
  • school of bigeye jacks
  • huge school of bonitos

June 7 

This trip only saw us complete one dive due to the bad visibility when we arrived. The dive guide made the safe decision that they would head back in and dive near the reefs of Los Cabos. The water was unusually warm for the time of year.

Diving conditions

  • Water temperature: 78f/26c surface, 63f/17c bottom,
  • Visibility : bad visibility 0ft from 30ft/10 meters – 100ft/30m depth

June 11

After the 7th of June we definitely warned the clients of conditions but they still wanted to go. The risk paid off! We got sharks, although conditions had only improved slightly. We took the boat from San Jose del Cabo, surface conditions were smooth and hot! 

Diving Conditions

  • Water temperature: 78f/27c surface 64f/17c bottom 
  • Visibility : Murky surface but clear blue under 50ft depth

Wildlife encounters

  • Tons of fishlife on the pinnacle
  • Hammerhead count:  one shark on the first dive

June 23

A bigger group this time and we took the slower panga boat from CSL marina. In June, with no north wind, we can enjoy a smoother roundtrip which is 22 miles each way

Diving conditions 

  • Water temperature: 78f/27c temps until 60ft/20m and then 68 f/18c below that
  • Visibility : above 20m was much better and dropped significantly in the cold water thermocline below 


  • Lots of fish on both dives 
  • Other sharks: 1 large curious silky shark on the second dive